Helping to Improve Your Life

The goal of 1 World Medicinals is to bring quality medicines for relief of pain, anxiety, and physical discomfort to those who seek a more healthful life style.

Each of our products is handmade with the highest quality ingredients, coupled with simple, yet carefully constructed recipes for your health.

Our Story

Picking The Right Materials

1 World Medicinals balances all ingredients for optimal health. Herbs are still cold steeped for 6 weeks. Never less. No cutting corners. Just because a product will sell, if it doesn’t improve the health or wellbeing then we do not sell it. Always truly organic!

Designed to Perfection

You may have heard about the entourage effect? A group of elements or ingredients such as oils, herbs, minerals and the like come together creating a much larger effect than any one could on its own. Using more of a substance is not always best. If your body can absorb it all, it may make you ill. If your body cannot absorb it because the carriers are not adequate, then it is wasted. 1 World Medicinals’ originator, Terra Khemiri, has long been blending these elements for a deeper, stronger yet balanced effect.

Pride in our Craft

When Terra opened the mother company The Medicine Woman, in 2006, she knew how important each ingredient was to the complete product. Many times the carrier oils recommended by others were no more than that, carriers, where another oil would enhance the total healing from average to profound. She learned that just because a substance is popular doesn’t mean it is the best for the job. Building and layering each ingredient to complete the ultimate product, we are proud to bring you 1 World Medicinals products.

Brilliant Minds

The Medicine Woman began creating products with cannabis in 2007. Pain relief was the first goal. Growing from there into anti-anxiety and more Terra insisted on products that healed over those that made people high. To her thinking, “Getting high is easy, healing is not.” Not everyone’s lives allow for an altered mind while overcoming an illness. In 2015, Terra created 1 World Medicinals specifically for cannabis and CBD products. CBD awareness was just beginning.

Shape Shifters Pilates and Health Studio

Your premier source for Holistic Health in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our goal is to help you learn how to take care of yourself so you are strong, healthy, confident, and empowered. When you begin to participate in your own care in this way, your life transforms. Instead of being confused by healthcare choices, you feel clarity on the best choice for you. Instead of relying on a pill to mask your symptoms, you resolve the issue at its core, providing deep and long-lasting results.

Our service offerings are comprehensive, from classes to personalized sessions to wellness programs to low-cost clinics, we take care of people from the inside out, helping you to be healthy for the long term.

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Alternative therapies can be financially out of reach for many. We seek to address that by offering discounted packages and sliding scale when applicable.


We will make alternative therapies available for a larger audience through outreach programs, a new facility, monthly newsletters, a strong online and community presence, telephone services, and wellness products.


Health is the number one topic searched on the internet. There are so many choices, often people don’t know where to start or what to do. We will help educate you about alternative therapies, and show you how to best integrate alternative and conventional medicine.


We offer many holistic services with deep, effective, and long lasting cures for even the worst illness and injury. People all heal differently, so exposure to different modalities opens opportunities that were previously unknown.


Our culture lives at an extreme pace even in smaller outlying areas. This constant demand on the body and psyche, combined with the toxicity of water, air, clothing, and diet, creates an erosive situation - just like wind and water wear on the earth.


We are committed to improving your quality of life by using Pilates to retrain the body, Homeopathy to balance the body, Nutrition to rebuild the body, and Massage to relax the body.

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