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I cannot truly express how much Terra’s product means to me. We have 1 World Medicinals CBD cream for our six-year-old son and have witnessed a miracle blossom. Our son was diagnosed with severe non-verbal Autism just before he turned two. We were told he may never speak and have had a roller coaster of challenges over the years. We have tried so many different things, taken him to endless hours of therapy, and had seen little progress to show for it. A few months ago, our cousin recommended Terra and we started using her CBD cream. The changes in him were almost instant, he had a desire to communicate with us, he started repeating words in his therapy sessions, he began to calm down when he realized he was being heard. We have been using this cream for a few months now, and he is able to answer simple questions, like what he wants for dinner. He keeps improving, and we are so grateful to Terra. She will always hold a dear place in our hearts.

He told me he loved me today, its the 4th time he’s ever said that to me.

Stephanie G.Loving Mom

4th day off the weed, woke up with aching hands, slathered in the cream you sent, instant relief. Many many thanks my friend.

(a massage therapist and has been smoking medical marijuana for the pain in her body and hands as she works. She has decided to stop smoking for a while and this is what she wrote after using the Deep Repair)

WendyMassage Therapist

Chris is a nurse and she visits her patients in home. Much of her work is heavy lifting, moving clients etc.  About a year ago she had injured her elbow and the pain made her unable to work some days. She tried Deep Repair at a trade show and had instant results.  Two weeks later she called frantic because she had missed placed the sample of Deep Repair and after not using it for 5 days once again her elbow was in terrible pain. I delivered some to her the next day. She sent me the following text:

(I can) not believe the instant and lasting relief the Deep Repair brought!

ChrisRegistered Nurse

We’d been using the cbd cream on him with great success. He’d begun speaking and having eye contact, Even sleeping alone. Recently he’d become aggressive so we switched to the Deep Repair for the THC calmative effect.  Here’s the result:

My son Nikolas was starting to act out and be destructive, so I put the deep repair on him. Minutes later he was happy and playing, minutes!!! Thank you!!!!


StephanieMother to Nikolas, a 7-year-old, non-verbal autistic child

I have been using this CBD Healing Salve about 3-4 times a week on my legs & arms since you gave it to me and almost all the pre cancer spots are gone. I usually go to the dermatologist every 3 months & she freezes off 10-15 spots every time; and sometimes has to do surgery to remove them because they are so deep and (continually come) back after freezing them. She (my dermatologist) can’t believe the difference and neither can I.


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