New Life Deep Repair 4oz

When you are talking Health you are talking balance. Living things cannot be healthy when imbalanced. All parts must work together or the entire system will fail.

In this train of thought stronger is not necessarily better. Stronger frequently causes imbalance even if it’s the right medicine. The body may be inundated or see it as poison.

Ayurveda, homeopathy and acupuncture practice creating balance. Rebalancing that which our over pressured, toxic, high-fat, high-carb world has made ill.

1 World Medicinals believes it’s not just the strength of the main active ingredient but the entourage effect created by all the carefully chosen components. THC or CBD have very little effect if left outside the body as topicals. When carried straight into the cell, as a systemic will do, the effect is immediate, using all the qualities of the product.

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