Deep Repair Cream is #1

We took our best organic healing cream and infused it with Full Spectrum CBD creating the ultimate in immediate pain relief. Within seconds you feel the pain drop and disappear.

With our healing organic ingredients it is nothing short of amazing.  This is our favorite. Not only does it stop pain immediately, but it is “systemic” meaning it absorbs into the body and is carried by the blood & lymph systems.  Typically, after using it for 3 days you begin to feel better all over.  Use 2-3 times a day or as needed for pain.

Topical versus systemic:  Topicals and systemics both have their place in healing. Topicals work right where you put them and stop there.  If you have simply strained a muscle a topical may be best.  If you habitually overuse your body a systemic may be what you need. Systemics are taken in by the blood and lymph systems and distributed throughout the body for a more” body global” effect.  This helps you heal on a much deeper level.

Check our website testimonials on arthritis, torn muscle pain, surgery recovery, and much more.

Terra Khemiri