At 1 World Medicinals, our pledge is to bring you products that heal body and soul. So naturally (No pun intended) we use only the best and healthiest ingredients available. You will find coconut oil in nearly all our products. But always raw and organic and never fractionated or processed. Why?

Raw: it is the fresh coconut and has not been dried.

Organic: this label ensures that there are no chemicals in growing or manufacturing.

Version: tells you if the product is made from raw coconut oil (not dried) and is therefore unchanged from its original Nature. Meanwhile, the fractionation process removes the long chain fatty acids from coconut oil. This process makes it a saturated fat instead of a yummy unsaturated, cholesterol fighting, good for you oil. Lauric acid which is the vital bacteria fighting, antimicrobial properties of coconut oil are also lost in the fractionating process. So why do some companies use fractionated coconut oil? Because it’s easier to use and has limited or no coconut smell or taste.

You can trust 1 World Medicinals to choose quality and health over ease and convenience every time.

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