Historically when we think about cannabis we think of the psychoactive effects. The high THC brings us. In recent years, research has shown there are many more components and benefits to marijuana and hemp than just THC.

As the research unfolds, CBD has shown itself to be broad-reaching in its effects, without the strong psychoactive high. Almost daily, new science is revealing the impact that CBD can have on anxiety, cancers, autism, epilepsy, autoimmune and sleep disorders…the list is long! When the body’s CBD receptors are coated by CBD, they calm the nerves allowing a more effective firing of potassium, calcium and sodium. When nerves fire correctly the body can balance, complete its essential functions and becomes healthy.

There is always a choice of how to treat ailments and to attain balance, it is always best to start small and assess how the body responds. Large doses of anything often only cause more imbalance. With typical methods of applying CBD (be it topical, inhalation or ingestion), the CBD must first be processed by the liver and frequently the stomach and intestinal system. This processing can create a loss of 80-90%. One way of getting more while using less is Micronized CBD. Micronizing blows the large CBD molecule into tiny pieces, allowing the CBD to travel straight through the cell wall and is distributed by the blood and lymph system resulting in only a 10-20% loss. Meaning, far less product in needed to create a profound effect.

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