Did you know that 1 World Medicinals’ Wellness Spray is a combination of organic essential oils which kill viruses, staphylococcus, streptococcus and many other nasty beasties & fungi?

Spray it on surfaces, in the air, down your throat, on your hands, in your nose & eyes. Yes, your eyes!  There is a duct which drains into your sinus from your eyes where things love to grow.

Completely safe and natural: it kills viruses and cleans surfaces leaving your environment and your body in a healthy state.

Our Wellness Spray is your first defense against flu and cold virus. Use it on surfaces, pillows, skin, eyes, throats. Safe for children and pets!

Does not contain CBD.

With all the worry about the coronavirus here are some things to do if you feel you are becoming ill.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a cold or the flu or coronavirus. The first thing I recommend is 1 World Medicinals wellness spray. It is a combination of essential oils that fights off staphylococcus , streptococcus and many other nasty beasties including viruses & fungus. Spray it on surfaces, in the air, down your throat, on your hands, in your nose and in your eyes. Completely safe for children.

I also recommend one of two homeopathic remedies:

  • Belladonna if you are red-faced and hot your throat is dark red And you have a fever. You may very well have chills if it’s Belladonna as well.
  • Arsenicum album If you’re cold, you might very well have a fever but you will be pale or gray. Sore throat, runny nose and achy all over.

In this trying time I offer my services to everyone who thinks they may be coming down with something like the coronavirus. I offer everyone A free 15 minute consult and recommendation. This does not include constitutional situations only flus and cold like symptoms.

1 World Medicinals balances all ingredients for optimal health.

You may have heard about the entourage effect?  A group of elements or ingredients such as oils, herbs, minerals and the like come together creating a much larger effect than any one could on its own. Using more of a substance is not always best.  If your body can absorb it all, it may make you ill.  If your body cannot absorb it because the carriers are not adequate, then it is wasted.  1 World Medicinals’ originator, Terra Khemiri, has long been blending these elements for a deeper, stronger yet balanced effect.

When Terra opened the mother company, The Medicine Woman, in 2006, she knew how important each ingredient was to the complete product.  Many times the carrier oils recommended by others were no more than that, carriers, where another oil would enhance the total healing to profound from average.  She learned that just because a substance is popular doesn’t mean it is the best for the job.  Building and layering each ingredient to complete the ultimate product, we are proud to bring you 1 World Medicinals products.

The Medicine Woman began creating products with cannabis in 2007.  Pain relief was the first goal.  Growing from there into anti-anxiety and more Terra insisted on products that healed over those that made people high.  To her thinking, “Getting high is easy, healing is not.”  Not everyone’s lives allow for an altered mind while overcoming an illness.

In 2015, Terra created 1 World Medicinals specifically for cannabis and CBD products. CBD awareness was just beginning. Keeping with the original intentions:

  • Herbs are still cold steeped for 6 weeks.  Never less. No cutting corners.
  • Just because a product will sell, if it doesn’t improve the health or wellbeing then we do not sell it.
  • Organic!  Some products are not available in organic, so we use the natural version.
  • With the exception of CBD Isolate we do not use chemically altered substances in our products.
  • Food grade is best.  The body recognizes food and will absorb it directly, so our systemic products go right through the cell wall for fast delivery without disrupting the vital force or loss processing through the liver.
  • No nut products or oils are allowed in our facility.
  • The only animal products used are bees wax and honey.

At 1 World Medicinals, our pledge is to bring you products that heal body and soul. So naturally (No pun intended) we use only the best and healthiest ingredients available. You will find coconut oil in nearly all our products. But always raw and organic and never fractionated or processed. Why?

Raw: it is the fresh coconut and has not been dried.

Organic: this label ensures that there are no chemicals in growing or manufacturing.

Version: tells you if the product is made from raw coconut oil (not dried) and is therefore unchanged from its original Nature. Meanwhile, the fractionation process removes the long chain fatty acids from coconut oil. This process makes it a saturated fat instead of a yummy unsaturated, cholesterol fighting, good for you oil. Lauric acid which is the vital bacteria fighting, antimicrobial properties of coconut oil are also lost in the fractionating process. So why do some companies use fractionated coconut oil? Because it’s easier to use and has limited or no coconut smell or taste.

You can trust 1 World Medicinals to choose quality and health over ease and convenience every time.

When you are talking Health you are talking balance. Living things cannot be healthy when imbalanced. All parts must work together or the entire system will fail.

In this train of thought stronger is not necessarily better. Stronger frequently causes imbalance even if it’s the right medicine. The body may be inundated or see it as poison.

Ayurveda, homeopathy and acupuncture practice creating balance. Rebalancing that which our over pressured, toxic, high-fat, high-carb world has made ill.

1 World Medicinals believes it’s not just the strength of the main active ingredient but the entourage effect created by all the carefully chosen components. THC or CBD have very little effect if left outside the body as topicals. When carried straight into the cell, as a systemic will do, the effect is immediate, using all the qualities of the product.

Historically when we think about cannabis we think of the psychoactive effects. The high THC brings us. In recent years, research has shown there are many more components and benefits to marijuana and hemp than just THC.

As the research unfolds, CBD has shown itself to be broad-reaching in its effects, without the strong psychoactive high. Almost daily, new science is revealing the impact that CBD can have on anxiety, cancers, autism, epilepsy, autoimmune and sleep disorders…the list is long! When the body’s CBD receptors are coated by CBD, they calm the nerves allowing a more effective firing of potassium, calcium and sodium. When nerves fire correctly the body can balance, complete its essential functions and becomes healthy.

There is always a choice of how to treat ailments and to attain balance, it is always best to start small and assess how the body responds. Large doses of anything often only cause more imbalance. With typical methods of applying CBD (be it topical, inhalation or ingestion), the CBD must first be processed by the liver and frequently the stomach and intestinal system. This processing can create a loss of 80-90%. One way of getting more while using less is Micronized CBD. Micronizing blows the large CBD molecule into tiny pieces, allowing the CBD to travel straight through the cell wall and is distributed by the blood and lymph system resulting in only a 10-20% loss. Meaning, far less product in needed to create a profound effect.