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Safe for children and pets!

Did you know that 1 World Medicinals’ Wellness Spray is a combination of organic essential oils which kill viruses, staphylococcus, streptococcus and many other nasty beasties & fungi? Spray it on surfaces, in the air, down your throat, on your hands, in your nose & eyes. Yes, your eyes!  There is a duct which drains […]

Healthy Habits to Practice While Coronavirus Spreads

With all the worry about the coronavirus here are some things to do if you feel you are becoming ill. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a cold or the flu or coronavirus. The first thing I recommend is 1 World Medicinals wellness spray. It is a combination of essential oils that fights off staphylococcus […]

Why 1 World Medicinals CBD products?

1 World Medicinals balances all ingredients for optimal health. You may have heard about the entourage effect?  A group of elements or ingredients such as oils, herbs, minerals and the like come together creating a much larger effect than any one could on its own. Using more of a substance is not always best.  If […]

Understanding the entourage effect of CBD

Entourage CBD impacts are greater when components interact to create a stronger influence CBD sales are expected to more than triple in the near future. According to the statistics compilation site Statista, U.S. consumers will spend approximately $1.8 billion on products containing CBD in the year 2022, up from $512.7 million in 2018. Research adds […]

Reviewing the Many Applications of Cannabinoid-Rich Hemp Oil and the Role of the Gut-Brain Axis

Delve deeper into the benefits of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil In this article, (Dr. Meletis) addresses the use of cannabinoid-rich hemp oil in applications such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, stroke, schizophrenia, autoimmunity, and epilepsy, among other uses. We’ll also discuss the role of cannabinoids in the gut-brain axis. (read complete article)

Coconut Oil: Raw, Organic and Unfiltered

At 1 World Medicinals, our pledge is to bring you products that heal body and soul. So naturally (No pun intended) we use only the best and healthiest ingredients available. You will find coconut oil in nearly all our products. But always raw and organic and never fractionated or processed. Why? Raw: it is the […]

Health is Balance

When you are talking Health you are talking balance. Living things cannot be healthy when imbalanced. All parts must work together or the entire system will fail. In this train of thought stronger is not necessarily better. Stronger frequently causes imbalance even if it’s the right medicine. The body may be inundated or see it […]


CBD Dosage and Effect

Historically when we think about cannabis we think of the psychoactive effects. The high THC brings us. In recent years, research has shown there are many more components and benefits to marijuana and hemp than just THC. As the research unfolds, CBD has shown itself to be broad-reaching in its effects, without the strong psychoactive […]

Now in Weedmaps

1 World Medicinals is now in what the Los Angeles Times referred to as “the Yelp for pot”. Yep, we’re now listed in weedmaps. Check us out there – or contact us and start using the best quality medicines for relief of pain, anxiety, and physical discomfort to those who seek a more healthful life style. Find […]