A systemic cream easing anxiety, migraines, pain, seizures, tics, spasms, sleeplessness, inflammation & slow healing injuries.   Does not contain Cannabis. Ingredients: cocoa butter, hemp, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils, CBD, natural beeswax, rose water, vegetable glycerin.

Apply as with Deep Repair

Does NOT contain Cannabis or THC.

Apply 2-4 times daily for best results

.25oz – $20.00

2oz – $60.00

4oz – $100.00


Calm the body and the mind while keeping clarity of thought. It’s great for relieving anxiety, focusing your mind or sleeplessness. Ingredients: Spring water, essential oils, CBD, honey.

Does not contain Cannabis.

1 oz – $45.00
2 oz – $70.00


1 World Medicinals Vein Oil is revolutionary in reducing pain and shrinking varicose and broken veins. This is a synergistic combining of Organic herbs and oils which are then cold steeped for 6 weeks to extract the natural healing qualities, undiminished by heat. Next we combine Organic, anti-inflammatory Essential Oils to optimize the healing factors. Ingredients: organic, cold steeped, olive oil, grapeseed oil, calendula, comfrey, hemp, arnica, vitamin E oil.

Apply twice a day for best results. Continue use 1-2 times weekly to help prevent reappearance. Exercise and gentle massage are recommended also.

2oz – $40.00

8oz – $100.00


Created with ingredients known for their anti-cancer qualities this cream works systemically. Soaking in and increasing it’s healing effect daily. Use for pain, legions, slow healing injuries, head pain, sleeplessness, malaise, lumps under the skin, swollen glands, cancerous conditions. Ingredients: organic cocoa butter, rose hip, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils, hemp, calendula, comfrey, arnica, CBD, natural beeswax, rose water, vegetable glycerin.

Apply 2-4 times a day to belly, groin or inner arm as well as painful or effected areas.

.25oz – $20.00

2oz – $60.00

4oz – $100.00


1 World Medicinals Citrus CBD Deodorant Spray is a fresh and soothing deodorant that utilizes the healing, therapeutic properties of CBD A simple and balanced approach to your health, 1 World Medicinals Citrus CBD Deodorant Spray is the best way to enhance your health. Ingredients: organic essential oils, baking soda, spring water.

Does NOT contain Cannabis.

1oz spray bottle – $15.00


An all natural spray using only Organic Essential Oils and spring water to fight Staph, Strep and many other microbial or viral nasties in the air and on surfaces. Safe for children, adults and animals. Use this spray on skin, keyboards, in the air, in the mouth, throat, eyes, even on sunburns for instant relief. Refreshes bad breath in a snap. Ingredients: spring water, essential oils.

2oz – $8.00

8oz – $15.00


Our CBD Healing salve is an Organic antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-fungal salve for skin injuries. Burns, insect or animal bites, puncture wounds, cuts, scrapes, blemishes, sunburn, diaper rash. Safe for children, adults and animals. Natural bees wax, Organic cocoa butter, olive oil, grapeseed oil, calendula, comfrey, vitamin E oil, micronized CBD.

Does NOT contain Cannabis.

.25oz – $20

2oz – $60

4oz – $100


Sticky Fingers hand cleaner; This Organic cleaner cleans hands quickly after trimming Cannabis, roofing tar, heavy grease and other “can’t get this stuff off my hands” jobs without harsh chemicals. Sold nationwide. Ingredients: sea salt, grapeseed oil, apricot oil, essential oils, vitamin E oil.

Does NOT contain Cannabis.

8 oz – $15.00